How To Hide The WooCommerce Sidebar With Filter Hooks Conditionally

The sidebar is shown all the time with the standard StoreFront Theme. This can really hinder your store by clogging up pages with un-needed distractions. You can hide the sidebar conditionally with filter hooks.

The code snippet is placed in your child theme functions folder. You can use all the conditions as shown, or remove the ones you don’t need such as cart (is_cart), product page ( is_product), and my account (is_page (‘my-account’).


is_product ()




 * Chimney Rock Themes - Code Snippet
 * @see
 * Hide Sidebar Conditionally

function custom_function_hide_sidebar ( $is_active_sidebar, $index ) {
	if ( $index !== 'sidebar-1' ) {
		return $is_active_sidebar;

	if ( is_product () || is_archive ()  || is_cart () || is_page ('my-account') ) {
		return false;
	} else {
		return $is_active_sidebar;

add_filter ( 'is_active_sidebar', 'custom_function_hide_sidebar', 10, 2 );

Hide Without Code

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