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Take control of your store inventory with our powerful Inventory Manager plugin.  You can quickly and easily verify your current inventory or add items from orders with a standard barcode reader.

Getting Started

There are a few basic rules that need to be followed so that your inventory management is easy to use and understand.

  1. All products must have a unique barcode associated with them in order to track.  We have added this field on the product page.  For single products, it’s located on the inventory tab.  For variations, look on the inventory tab for each variation.  If you accidentally assign a duplicate barcode, then a notification will appear alerting you to the problem.  Simply delete the incorrect barcode and you are ready to go.
  2. Each product must have the ‘Manage Inventory’ checkbox checked so that we can track the inventory for the product.  If not, then WooCommerce will only assign an “in stock”, “out of stock” or “backorder” status.  Changing the product to Managed allows us to work with the standard WooCommerce stock level function.
  3. Case barcodes are special barcodes.  You can create them easily and assign a single individual barcode that is associated with a product in your store.  For example. If you have chicken noodle soup in your store, then you can assign a case barcode for a case of chicken noodle soup.  The single barcode or child barcode is one can of soup, and the case barcode or parent barcode is the special barcode located on the case of soup box.  Each case barcode has a field where you can assign the number of single items per case such as 12/case.
  4. When you want to adjust your inventory, there are two primary functions.  The first is to Take An Inventory.  In this mode the stock levels will replace your current stock since you are verifying what you currently have in stock.  Conversely, in Receive Orders Mode, any stock you scan will be added to your current inventory.  

Take An Inventory

This function is accessible from Products->Scan Barcodes .  On this page you have several options.  Select “Options” to open the dialog box.  Select “Take Inventory” from the options then choose how you would like to proceed.  You can scan Continuously or use Bulk Mode.  The continuous method is for scanning one barcode at a time.  Each product will be added once.  You can scan as many as you need.  If you choose Bulk Mode, then you will have the option to enter a quantity for the number of products you wish to track.

After you have scanned the products you wish to verify, refresh the page so that all products are summed up in the summary table.  If you are confident of the inventory you just scanned, click “Update” in order to replace your current inventory stock levels.  If you make a mistake, you can always delete the current session by choosing “Options” then select “Delete Current Scans“.  Choosing this option simply starts over and goes back to your previous inventory levels.

Receive Orders

In this mode, all products scanned will be added to your current inventory.  To access, navigate to Products->Scan Barcodes.  Select “Options” and choose “Receive Orders”  Just like on the Take Inventory mode, you select how you would like to scan by choosing Continuous or Bulk Mode.  When you have completed scanning all of your item in the order, refresh the page to update the summary table.  Click “Update” to add all barcodes to your current inventory. If you make a mistake, you can always delete the current session by choosing “Options” then select “Delete Current Scans“.  Choosing this option simply starts over and goes back to your previous inventory levels.

Setting Up Cases

Case barcodes are special barcodes that are tied to a specific items that we call Single or Child barcodes.  The parent is the case and it has it’s own unique barcode and the products in that case are the Single barcodes.  Adding case barcodes is easy.  Navigate to Products->Manage Barcodes.  Make sure you have already added your Single barcodes into your store products.  These need to be set up first before assigning a case barcode.  Specify the number of products per case such as 12/case, then scan the single barcode. 

Tracking Total Inventory Value

With one click, you can find the total wholesale cost of your tracked inventory.  All that is required is to have an accurate inventory and to assign a wholesale cost to your products.  To assign a cost, edit your WooCommerce product, then open the inventory tab.  We have added a cost field here which is the per unit price you paid for the product.  

To view the inventory value, navigate to Products->Inventory Summary.

Automatic Plugin Updates

To receive updates, navigate to WooCommerce->Settings->Products->CRM Inventory  Here is where you need to enter your license key.  Your license key will be emailed to you after purchasing the plugin.  After you save the license key, make sure that the status changed to “Active”.  With an active license, updates will show up automatically the same way any other WordPress plugin updates.

1.0.0 Initial Release

Do I get updates & support?

Absolutely.  Enter your license key that is included in your order email at WooCommerce->Settings->Products->Crm Inventory.  There is also a link to the settings page right on the plugin. You will receive updates and support for 1 year.

Do You Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

Of course we do.  If you are not completely satisfied with our product you may request a refund within 30 days.  All that we ask is that you contact us first and allow us an opportunity to solve any problems that you might have with the plugin.

Which Barcode Readers Are Supported?

Any barcode reader should work to scan barcodes.  For the best mobile experience, a barcode reader with SPP support is needed.  The reason is that a standard HID scanner will disable the on screen keyboard in most mobile devices.  That’s fine except when you choose to enter a quantity into the program via the keyboard.  In order to perform that action, you need a scanner that can temporarily disable the scanner.  A good choice is here #ad for only $45.99

Why Do I Have To Set Products To Managed Stock?

WooCommerce can only set a stock level to a product that has the Managed Stock option enabled.  We work with standard WooCommerce functions so any product that you wish to track with the plugin must have the Managed Stock Option checked.

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Scan Barcodes

Take advantage of standard barcodes that are printed on most products. There is no need to print custom barcodes for your products since most products already have UPCs.  If you do have custom barcodes, then they will work too.  The program just needs a unique barcode for each product.

Inventory Manager works with any barcode reader, however for the best mobile experience, a barcode reader that can disable the HID function works best. See our equipment section for more information.

Track Case Units

Each case has a unique barcode that is printed on the case box.  This barcode can be assigned as a case so that you can easily track cases.  You specify the case size and our program takes care of the inventory.

Verify Current Stock Levels

Do you really have the stock that you think you have?  Manually counting each package can be a real chore and it’s prone to errors.  Additionally, stock shrinkage is a huge problem that’s hard to track.  The solution is to periodically Take An Inventory and this is a breeze with our plugin.  All you need to do is to go to our Take An Inventory page and scan the stock on the shelf.  Each product can be counted accurately so that you know exactly how much is available for sale.

Receive Orders

Without our plugin, receiving orders can be a cumbersome process.  You have to search for each product, look at the old stock, then add the new items and then update the stock for each product.  This process is slow and inaccurate.  Our inventory management plugin solves this problem and allows you to simply scan your newly received items and in minutes you are done.  Take advantage of barcodes and our powerful plugin and enjoy an up to date, accurate inventory.

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