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Reasons To Love Blue Angel

Most e-Commerce themes require a lot of complicated coding or plugins to customize it the way you want it. We feel your pain. Plugins are the number one reason for web page errors because they are generally not designed to work together. The result is a lot of time and frustration spent fixing your website. You are trying to make money, so your theme should be your last concern.

Blue Angel simplifies your store and allows you to focus on running your business.

  • ✅ Powerful customizations done with clicks, not code
  • ✅ See your changes in real time and preview before you publish
  • ✅ Beautiful design out of the box, but flexible for your own custom needs
  • ✅ Includes powerful widgets such as sliders, hero images, flexible footers, and more
  • ✅ Designed to increase conversions by building customer trust and custom calls to action

Dive Into A Sample Of Blue Angel's Features

Your product page is the most import page in your shop. We make is easy to display only the information you need

Powerful Product Page Customizations

  1. Custom navbar with logo and colors
  2. Social Media Icons
  3. Change width of product search bar
  4. Sticky add to cart on scroll
  5. Hide or show sales badge
  6. Hide or show breadcrumbs
  7. Change font weight and font size of product title
  8. Custom review star colors
  9. Custom price colors
  10. Integrates with swatch plugins
  11. Show stock levels
  12. Custom text ( ie. Add to Basket) and colors for the add to cart button
  13. Add trust badges or other information
  14. Show or hide meta
  15. Show or hide additional information
  16. Move review out of tabs to bottom of page
  17. Custom heading options
  18. Custom paragraph text options 
  19. Hide or show sidebar

Lightning Fast Theme

Nobody wants a slow theme.  Speed is vital for conversions and an outstanding shopping experience.  Our theme scores a 100% with Google’s Lighthouse Audit.  Our code is highly optimized and has only what is needed and no more.  No bloated themes here.

blue angel google lighthouse score
hero canvas example

Custom Hero Image

Insert a hero image with custom title, description, and link in minutes.  Use this area to describe your brand, promote sales, or any other purpose.



Use the jumbotron widget to drop in custom HTML for a jumbotron.  You can use this widget to grab your audience’s attention quickly and easily.

jumbotran example front view

Sticky Add To Cart on Scroll

Increase conversions

Capture your audiences attention and increase conversions with a sticky add to cart bar on scroll. This feature helps to direct your customer to the action you would like them to take by providing a highly visible add to cart button in the header. The bar is hidden until the user scrolls down the page.

sticky add to cart example

Footer Widgets & Features

There are 6 footer widgets you can use to customize your site.  

  1. A full width widget that expands to the full width of the container. 
  2. There are 4 columns below the full sized widget.  These columns resize automatically, so if you only want to use 3 for example, they will show up perfectly.
  3. Below the 4 columns, there is an additional full width widget.
  4. At the bottom of the page, you have an additional menu location.  In this menu, you can add a regular menu on the left, plus social icons on the right.  Our social media menu is automatic, just drop in your media links and the Font Awesome brand icons will populate for you.


Core Theme Functionality

Choose any template, available on WordPress page type

We have 6 page templates to suit your needs.

  • one-column
  • two-column
  • three-column
  • left sidebar
  • right sidebar
  • both left and right sidebar
  • no sidebar
  • full width
  • empty - just the header
  • blank - open canvas for your landing page
  • Gutenberg Ready
  • Font Awesome icon ready
  • Bootstrap classes included
  • hero canvas widget
  • jumboton widget
  • 4 column footer widgets
  • 2 full width footer widgets
  • 2 social media menus

Full Customization

Hide or show elements

Choose what information to show that best meets your needs. Options are configurable based on the page your choose such as shop, cart, product page, and checkout.

Hide or Show Sidebar

Go full width if desired or drag a widget to your sidebar​.  Available on the following pages:

  1. Catalog/shop
  2. Product
  3. Cart
  4. Checkout
  5. My Account

Custom Typography

Customize Everything

Take full control over the typography anywhere in the theme.  Style H1, H2, H3, H4, & paragraph text.  Change font family, font weight, style, size, and color.

Customize review star colors, link colors, button colors, and the background.

Auto alignment of Add To Cart Buttons

Say goodbye to add to cart buttons that don’t line up in the shop.  We have built an automatic product box height that aligns the buttons no matter what content is showing.  Your store will look clean and professional without any further action on your part.


Product Page Options

Hide or show sidebar

Go full width if desired for a distraction free product description

Move reviews tab to bottom of page

Moving the reviews to the the bottom of the long description saves customers from excessive mouse clicks. Enable or disable this option

Additional view options

Adjust the product title font. Show or hide sales badge, meta description, additional information tab and more.

Elementor Page Builder Friendly

We work great with:

Elementor Page Builder

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I customize the theme?

Read our Quick Start Guide.  Most customizations appear in the customizer menu.  Navigate to Appearance – Customize.  

Do I Get Updates?

Yes of course.  We regularly update our themes to add new features and fixes.

How many sites can I install the theme?

You are free to install our theme on as many sites as you like.

Is Support Included?

Yes.  The base price of the theme comes with 1 year of premium support.  We are hear with you every step of the way.  We code and support our own theme.

What are customers are saying

We could not have been happier with Blue Angel. Since we installed the theme we have seen better conversions. Our site looks great and we just love it. So easy to use.
Super easy to use. I had my site customized the way I wanted in no time at all.









WordPress 4.7 or higher (tested up to 5.1.1)

PHP 5.4 or higher – (7.1 or higher is recommended for maximum speed and performance)

What’s New In Version 1.5.0

  • Add custom add to cart text for in-stock, out of stock, or free products

Version 1.4.0 release

  • Add distraction free checkout options. Show or hide header or footer at checkout
  • Hide or show related products on the product page
  • Add trust badge widget below add to cart button on product page.
  • Add trust badge widget below proceed to cart button on cart page.
  • Add sliding image carousel option on home page.
  • Add font size global options for paragraph and h1-h4 in typography.
  • Styling fixes and code enhancements

Version 1.2.21 release

  • Add 2 new social media menus, one in the header, one in the footer.  Our social media icons populate automatically for you.
  • Make the 4 footer columns resize automatically.  Unlike most WordPress themes, our columns look good no matter how many you choose to show.

Version 1.2.8 release

  • Add sticky add to cart when user scrolls on product page – optimized for desktop, tablets, and mobile
  • Better organization of custom typography
  • Improved styling
  • Increased compatibility with 3rd party page builder plugins
  • Security hardening and bug fixes

Have questions?  Need help?

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